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OM Vision

As valued partners with the scientific workforce; we will foster a performance-driven culture and cultivate a highly-motivated, world-class, administrative workforce. We will maximize the efficient use of NIH resources through effective leadership, stewardship, expertise, innovation, optimal organizational design, and the transparent use of performance data.

Strategic Priorities

1. Promote Innovative Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Strengthen recruiting, onboarding and enculturation, promote a mobile workforce, and
communicate workforce retention strategies

2. Develop Strong Metrics Which Support Administrative Decision-Making
Greater data access, transparency and utilization of existing NIH Data Sources

3. Improve Administrative Efficiency
Collect, review and publish IT Solutions “Best Practices” to create efficiencies and expand leveraging of the NIH dollars and resources

4. Operationalize Use of Innovative Practices
Promote and cultivate a community and culture within the NIH that embraces creativity and innovation

5. Foster Strong Collaborative Culture and Communication Between Administrative & Scientific Communities 
Identify the  impact of different organizational structures and organizational cultures on communication, shared vision, appreciation of work contributions and develop strategies to educate workforce on these differences and their potential value


This page was last updated on November 14, 2017.

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